why is it exciting to work at ROCKWOOL?

become a specialist in your profession

  • you will work in a global group that develops solutions that make the world a better place to live
  • you will get dynamic and international career opportunities
  • you will be challenged in your work and on a personal level
  • you will get the chance to incerase attention on your own growth within the group

And other benefits such as: 

  • Medicover private treatment - 9 free packages according to your own preferences
  • MyBenefit System - Christmas Voucher
  • Payable voucher - after 14 days of holiday leave
  • Ask Henry - your private consierge 
  • Modern office - in the center of Poznań with relaxation zones
  • Possibility to work in the home office mode - twice a week


greater together

At ROCKWOOL, they provide meaningful career opportunities that impact modern living. They have a great legacy and long experience in their field. Their success has always been built on strong teams. At ROCKWOOL, they are Greater Together.