use of "cookies".

  1. Cookies are small text files which are stored by the browser on the user’s computer hard drive when they visit a website.

  2. Randstad uses cookies to:

    a. tailor the content of website to the user, as well as optimize user experience throughout the site;

    b. hold the user’s session open (after login) so that entering the user’s login and password is not required for every sub-site;

    c. support and execute security activities,

    d. analyze the usage of Randstad websites and measure the effects of promotional actions (by use of Google Analytics).

  3. Randstad uses the following types of cookies:

    a. essential cookies, i.e. cookies that enable the service “Free Job Posting and Candidate Applications”,

    b. cookies that are employed to ensure safety,

    c. cookies that allow us to collect information about how visitors use our websites,

    d.cookies that allow “saving” the user’s chosen settings and customizing user interface.

  4. Most available web browsers allow storing cookies on the user’s device by default.

    Users may change their cookie settings at any time. These browser settings may in particular be changed to block automated cookie processing or alert the user of any cookies saved on their device. Detailed information on cookies and their processing is available in your browser’s settings. By neglecting to change their browser’s settings regarding cookies, the user agrees to have them saved on their device and therefore agree to Randstad storing and accessing data on that device.

  5. Disabling cookies may result in difficulties accessing the “Free Job Posting and Candidate Applications” services if accessed by logging into a user’s account. The use of the service while unlogged is not limited.

Privacy policy change notice

Randstad reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy by publishing a new privacy policy on the website. No rights granted to the user under this Privacy Policy shall be in any way limited without the user’s consent. Randstad shall record previous versions of the Privacy Policy in order to enable users to review them.