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everyone is good at something

we believe everyone is good at something, so we distribute our activities across many specialties. And through our specialists, we know what’s currently trending in the job market. Find your own field and we will help you through the entire process of searching for and selecting a job offer.

engineering and manufacturing

we follow accelerating changes in the field of engineering and manufacturing, therefore we know what is appreciated by employers and what direction you can grow in. No matter what your experience is.

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finance and economics

if you are or would like to become proficient in the world of finance, we will give you some tips on what can currently appeal to employers and make you stand out of the crowd. Check out who our customers are now looking for.

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The role of a support workers is a special one. They assist those in society most in need and have some of the most fulfilling jobs around.

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We have jobs in all aspects of the manufacturing process including logistics, automation, supervisory, machine operators, warehousing, and skilled personnel.

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if you like communicating with people

or organizing company and office affairs, this is the place for you. Check out what we’ve prepared for you.

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can you "speak" such languages as .NET or Java? That’s great, because we know which of our customers you are sure to get along with. And if you prefer mobile computing environments, we will find you a job to unleash your full potential.

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HR jobs

Whatever kind of HR job you are looking for we have a wide range of interim, temporary and permanent roles available.

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warehousing & distribution

if you know what, where, whereto, how and for what price, we know who has the right job for you. What we have in common with logistics are the solutions that allow us not to waste human potential.

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customer service

customer support requires an open attitude and empathy. If that's not you yet, but you like dealing with people, we will tell you how you can grow. And more importantly, where.

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financial services

We have jobs at some of the worlds largest companies as well as niche boutiques. Whatever your ambitions, we have jobs for you.

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working abroad

working abroad means numerous sacrifices and some uncertainty. We cooperate with many foreign customers who admire the potential of Polish employees and want to grow their natural skills – just like us.

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sales & marketing

building brand awareness and selling the brand is a difficult task and a serious responsibility. Take on those challenges in a position tailored to your experience and skills.

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