recommendations for visits to Randstad offices.

Before visiting the randstad office, remember that:

  • you do not have to leave your home to apply for a job offer - all you have to do is find the offer you are interested in and fill out the form on our website
  • to talk about the details of the offer, you can call the consultant who recruits - you will always find his number in the offer published on the website
  • you can have a recruitment meeting online - make an appointment with a consultant using a simple video-recruitment tool

Teams in our local offices can be contacted by phone - numbers can be found by clicking on the office location.

You can also contact us by e-mail:

Due to the recommendations of epidemiological services, we recommend limiting visits to Randstad offices to the minimum. If you are in the office:

  • only one person can be in the office at a time
  • keep a safe distance from the interlocutor (at least 1 m)
  • do not shake your hand for a greeting
  • do not touch the door handles - use a jacket, sweater or tissue to open the door
  • wash and disinfect your hands frequently and very thoroughly


report the problem to your supervisor and / or Randstad consultant if you are not feeling well. They will be able to guide and support you as well as take additional preventive measures.

we encourage you to follow the messages issued by the Ministry of Health