specify your daily or hourly availability for work.

in the “calendar” tab, you can set your preferred availability or unavailability for work for specific days when you don’t have any shift assigned. Just click a day to specify your time preferences.

setting availability – examples.

see how to set selected options of your availability or unavailability to for work.

general availability template.

if your availability or unavailability is repetitive (the same every week – e.g. “I am unavailable each Saturday”), you can set a general availability template, which is a permanent declaration of your availability.

click the icon in the lower right corner in the “calendar” tab, to go to template editing. You don’t need to update it every week – once the template is saved, it will be applicable until you change it yourself.

after saving the template, you will see a summary of your time preferences for additional work.
apka_EN_preferowana dostępność - szablon

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