who can benefit from advanced planning?

Advanced planning feature is recommended primarily to those who plan staffing on a daily basis and want to have full control over the quantitative and qualitative process, supported by efficient communication with the employee.

myRandstad WorkTime advanced planning will work primarily in the following sectors:

advanced planning is all about:

  • the possibility to enter the demand for employees for individual departments (processes), shifts, brigades and  division it into cooperating entities (e.g. Temporary Employment Agencies)

  • ongoing monitoring of the degree of demand fulfillment in terms of scheduled persons, taking into account absenteeism

  • the ability to plan employees based on the skills matrix, employee availability, assignment to a department (process) taking into account the provisions of the Labor Code using the filtering mechanism of the best match, required match or individual scenarios

  • integration with the mobile application in which the employee can report his availability, view the schedule, sign up for additional shifts

  • the ability to announce open shifts with the option of signing up for them by employees from the mobile application (immediate registration or to be confirmed by the planner)

  • full integration with the timesheet module

  • additional planning reports with forecast feature

benefits for your company.