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employment outsourcing means passing all employment-related formalities and administration to Randstad Employee Leasing.

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the most important benefits

  • cost structure optimization
  • limitation of responsibilities – outsourcing obligations towards employees and public authorities
  • legal and organizational safety when hiring – minimal employment-related risk.

perfect for enterprises who are committed to:

  • keeping the number of full-time jobs at the required level in companies with a predetermined (limited) number of employees and where rapid growth creates an increased demand for staff the costs of employment outsourcing constitute costs of third party services, which plays a huge role in calculating performance indicators based on the number of employees.
  • optimizing administrative costs – we coordinate all activities related to administrating external employment, and you won’t need to expand your own administrative resources.
  • streamlining settlement processes – we handle all salary and non-salary settlements, such as business trips, company cars, phones etc., along with the full responsibility for correct and timely settlements.
  • keeping employment information confidential – only specialists dedicated to your company and your designated randstad contacts have access to the information on terms of employment of particular people.

civil law contracts outsourcing

the service involves assuming liability for cooperating with your civil law contractors (employees – contractors under contracts of mandate and specific work contracts).

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civil law contracts outsourcing

The employee servicing process is strictly adjusted to your business requirements. Civil law contracts outsourcing will let you optimize administrative costs in your company and determine the perfect model of cooperation.

There are currently more than 4,000 contractors all over Poland working with us in this model.


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